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Hi everyone and welcome to my Home Succulents website. I have always loved plants, plants of all kinds but growing up, I never knew the ones I liked most had a specific name…succulents. When I learned that word, it was music to my ears! I now had a name for my favorites and a way to gather more information about them. There was a whole world of succulents to discover!

What I Discovered

I discovered so many colors, textures, sizes, and shapes…it seemed there were endless possibilities for creating.

Through the years I have had many succulents and when I needed information on them, I had to scour different books and websites to find what I needed. Just finding the name of some succulents was frustrating. It seemed I could never find all the information for all my succulents in one place.

Now I want to help you.

Experience the Beauty

Succulents are beautiful and add so much to a home-like cleaner air and green space. Perfect for apartments, single-family homes, offices and even RV’s. They can create a peaceful space to read, meditate, work, and sleep in the mountains and by the ocean.

Succulents are small, easy to care for, and drought-resistant which makes them perfect if you travel, forget, or are busy.

A One-Stop Succulent Source

I want you to experience the beauty of succulents with one place to learn all about them, see product reviews on everything succulent, and purchase succulents you may not have access too.

I want to be your one-stop succulent resource and save you the frustration I experienced.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or email me at lisa@homesucculents.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Home Succulents


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