Succulent Gifts

It’s that time of year when people are stressing thinking about buying gifts for those they love dearly and some people they don’t know very well at all. What a wonderful time of the year!

I kid, it is fun to buy gifts when you have an idea of what to get but when there are no ideas, it can be very stressful!

Here you go, succulent gifts including items for the home and helpful hints to make shopping easier.

You’re welcome!

Helpful Hints

You love succulents, I love succulents, how can the whole world not love succulents? I have no idea but…there are some people that…gasp…just aren’t succulent people.

For the love of all things good, do not get that person a live succulent. You are sentencing it to death, you know it, and the person who receives it knows it.

Get the person who loves your succulents but for whatever strange reason doesn’t love or have plants of their own, a fake succulent.

I think there are tremendous benefits of having live succulents and plants in general but if someone is unable to care for plants, get them something pretty to look at that will not stress them or end in the slow painful death of a beautiful succulent that had so much potential.

Fake succulents can look very convincing and still bring a sense of calmness and peace to the environment.

You have a friend that loves succulents and you just saw the CUTEST succulent shower curtain ever! Keep walking! Do not buy your friend a shower curtain or anything else that could require them to change an entire room. I love succulents but my husband probably wouldn’t be thrilled with a succulent bathroom.

With that being said, there are some really cute ones available.  If you give lists to people of specific things you want, check these out.

So, Do You Have Ideas?

Yes, I’ve checked Amazon for some great succulent gift ideas and they are prime so you can get them fast!

The list is broken down into price ranges to meet any budget.

Happy Shopping!

$5.00 – $10.00

These are great ideas for succulent lovers and all are under $10.00. Even if they have something similar to these, two won’t hurt. These are fun, inexpensive, and adorable! If you know someone who writes cards (or could be creative and frame them), has a garden flagpole, enjoys candles or puns, these are perfect!

Some of these I would be careful about buying for someone else (does it work with what they have or would they use it?) but they could totally go on your list.

$11.00 – $20.00

There are so many cool items for succulents and succulent lovers!

$21.00 – $50.00

For everything I’m showing you, there are probably five more I’m not showing. The variety is crazy! I had no idea there were so many comforters with succulents on them!

And More

Of course, there are always mugs, tees, blankets, planters/pots, beach towels, and actual succulents. The list is huge!

I started out giving you gift ideas to buy for other people, hopefully, this has helped you with items to put on your list too!

I found these additional items that I thought were unique or cool so I had to include them too.

If you have a succulent that is serving as your Christmas tree this year, check out this post.

As always, do your research on the items, prices can change at any time.

If you have other ideas, experience with one of these gifts, questions, or comments, I love to hear from you!

8 Responses

  1. Wow thanks so much  for this great post about succulents ,succulents  has been my best friend favourite  gift since when we were young up till now,last year I wanted to buy it as a present for her but I could not get good ones,thanks God for seeing this post I love it all thanks for sharing the links to them also very easy and affordable  to get here thanks alot 

    • Hi Rose,

      I’m so glad you found the article and lists helpful!  Good luck shopping and let me know if you have any questions!


  2. Compliments of the season dear!

    There is no better time to show our love for our friends, family and loved ones than a time like this; this is the season where the love of God was born for humanity sake. Succulent gifts are really nice idea to share our love.

    These picks are gorgeous.

  3. You certainly have eyes for beautiful things and these succulent gifts are beautiful, beautiful to present for this beautiful season to our beautiful ones, 😄

    One of the things I like about these succulent gifts is that you grouped them into price range which is a very cool thing to me.

    SanSeng Cactus Tealight Candles, Handmade Del…will be beautiful to behold.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Your article was well thought out and very well written. I liked all the pictures but it seems like it was a little too much selling. I have a few succulents and would have liked to seen more information about them. For instance some of the more popular ones and how to care for them. I think mine survive is spite of me.
    Why do people like succulents? Probably for the same reason I do and that is they are easy to care for, don’t take up much room and are not messy.
    I do know that they don’t require much care or mine wouldn’t have survived. I have googled the care and feeding of them and learned a lot but I’m sure you could have put in some personal information about them from your experience.
    You’ve inspired me to get a little more into them and maybe get a few more. Do you have any suggestions about the types, with names, of ones I should be thinking about?
    Good luck with sales over the holidays

    • Hi Don,
      Thank you for your comments.
      I’m sorry the article seemed like it was selling too much. The article was meant for you to be able to find gifts for those who love succulents. My goal was to give you a lot of gift ideas to help you shop.
      As far as succulents go, please check out the rest of the website as there is specific information on succulents and their care as well as benefits to having them.
      My suggestions for easy or beginners are always jade, zebra, or a snake plant. You can find infographics of each of these under the Infographics tab at the top.
      If you have other questions, please let me know.

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