Succulent Tools – Review of the Ginsco 7pcs Succulent Gardening Hand Tools Set

Tools make life easier! We use calculators, calendars, numerous apps, even cookbooks are a type of tool. These all help us be more efficient and do a better job (except the cookbook, no amount of tools will help me with cooking 🙂).

Today we are talking about succulent tools, specifically the Ginsco 7pcs Succulent Transplanting Miniature Fairy Garden Planting Gardening Hand Tools Set from Amazon. I always review items found on Amazon so they are available to everyone.

Why This One?

Good question! It is inexpensive ($5.99 at the time of this writing), it is the number one seller in Garden Tool Sets, has 480 customer reviews, and a 4.8 overall rating. With that price and that many happy customers, I figured it was worth a review.

It comes with 7 pieces including:Ginsco 7pcs Succulent Transplanting Miniature Fairy Garden Planting Gardening Hand Tools Set

  • 1 watering can (I’m not usually a fan of this type of watering can but for certain situations, it is fine)
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 shovel
  • 2 tweezers (1 straight and 1 angled)
  • 2 transplanting tool (1 on the end of the small shovel and then the other green tool)

The tools are all around 5-6 inches in length which make them a good size for small pots, terrariums, and other small spaces.

The Good

The quality is good enough, I mean, for $5.99, they are very good! It really is a lot easier to plant in small pots with these tools. My hands do not fit into the pots as well as these tools can.

I can scoop dirt, put dirt in the pot, pull dead leaves off, pick up small things with the tweezers, dig a hole, transplant the succulent, clean dirt off the succulent with the brush, and give it a little water with the watering can (and not get water on glass) a lot easier than without them.

I find the tools especially helpful when working with prickly cacti.

It also didn’t have a lot of what I consider unnecessary tools.Garden Tool Set

  • Rakes – I never use them, the pots are too small or I make do with something else.
  • Gardening gloves – I love gloves and use them when working with large pots and a lot of dirt but I want to pick them out, not get a “one size” fits all pair. Also, when working with small pots and small tools, I don’t wear gloves.
  • Tags – I love to label, especially if I’m propagating but I like cute reusable chalkboard tags.
  • Mat – I can totally see when a mat would come in handy for re-potting but I already use old towels and sheets. I can use them, shake them off and throw them in the washer. Most of the re-potting mats I have seen are waterproof (handy) and you wipe them down. For me, a mat would be more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Hard Sided Carry Case – I love carrying cases (see below) but I prefer the ease of grabbing it out of a case and putting it back in without having to fit it into a certain slot (see picture to the right).

Are they top-notch? No. Do they do the job? Yes!

The Eh

  1. Carrying Case – I would like something to carry them in. I can put them in something I already have but I prefer them to come in some kind of carrying case so they all stay together (meaning so I can keep them all together).
  2. Scissors – I feel scissors would be a great addition. They would come in very handy for clipping pups and trimming.
  3. Better Brush – This brush reminds me of a painting brush and I think more of a make-up brush would work better.
  4. Air Dust Blower – Not completely necessary but occasionally comes in handy.


Tool kits are very personal. We “require” different things of our tools and we have different ways of using them but overall, as far as this kit goes, I think it is great! Everything is useful.

In my opinion, it is just missing a few important tools but these tools can all be bought individually and added to the kit.

Of course, there are many other kits available, some with all the tools I would like plus a few I consider unnecessary.

For you, depending on what you consider necessary and unnecessary, it may be less expensive to get a kit with tools you may not use than add what you want to a less expensive kit.

Happy tool hunting!

Questions or Comments? Leave them below, I love to hear from you!

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